Google Play Movies and Chromecast

Google Play Movies and Chromecast

I played my first Google Play movie last night controlling it via my Galaxy Nexus through my Chromecast. I have included some screen shots below. The experience was seamless and had no issues. The picture quality is on the level of 1080i/720p. My TV did not re-sync the image to 1920x1080 at 24Hz

Samsung cuts 55" Curved OLED price

Samsung has slashed the price of its new 55" (KN55S9C) curved OLED TV set. This undercuts competitor LG by $6000. Samsung states the production yields have increased over the past several years with OLED production thus reducing cost. When OLED TV sets were first introduced they were small and expensive.

Chromecast and the Future of Television

Google's bombshell news of the Chromecast device will change the television industry whether they like it or not. You now have the ability to use your mobile device to send a request for a device to pull down from the web your request.